Unable to search ADgroup using distinguishname properties RRS feed

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  • I am running below command

    get-ADGroup -Filter {DistinguishedName -eq "CN=_ClaimsCalendarEditorDelete,OU=RSA,OU=NME,DC=CAN,DC=GBL,DC=UDS,DC=RSA-INS,DC=COM"}

    and getting results but when i try to run same command against other groups that i am part of like exchange organization management and Lync admin groups , i dont get any results.

    I have already set the adserver settings to viewentireforest to true and even that is not helping

    I even tried to do get-adgroup -filter {Name -like "*"} | where-object {$_.distinguishedname -eq "CN=_ClaimsCalendarEditorDelete,OU=RSA,OU=NME,DC=CAN,DC=GBL,DC=UDS,DC=RSA-INS,DC=COM"}

    even that does not show any results , is there is a limitation to listing admin security groups or i am missing something .
    I want to be able to do simple get-adgroup -filter {distinguishedname -eq "CN=_ClaimsCalendarEditorDelete,OU=RSA,OU=NME,DC=CAN,DC=GBL,DC=UDS,DC=RSA-INS,DC=COM" } and then use in removing the member of the security group.

    Monday, March 17, 2014 5:30 PM


  • If you're using the distinguished names and you know they're correct, you don't need the filters:

    Get-ADGroup -Identity "CN=_ClaimsCalendarEditorDelete,OU=RSA,OU=NME,DC=CAN,DC=GBL,DC=UDS,DC=RSA-INS,DC=COM" -Server 'DC1:3268'

    If you only know the name, filter by the group name:

    Get-ADGroup -Filter { name -eq "_ClaimsCalendarEditorDelete" } -Server 'DC1:3268'

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