About Set-SPOTenant -IPAddressAllowList command


  • Hi all!

    I want to know how to use the powershell command: "Set-SPOTenant -IPAddressAllowList command " in sharepoint online.

    I have Set up in the following way which is allowed my home ip address access sharepoint online.
    Set-SPOTenant -IPAddressAllowList "home address" -IPAddressEnforcement $true
    ※but when I am in my office I can also login in sharepoint online site with my office's PC.

    I also want to know how to reset this setting and how to show the allowed IP list or has been allowed IP scope list that allowed access sharepoint online.

    ※I have set up in the following way but it likes doesn't work.

    Set-SPOTenant -IPAddressAllowList $null


    Tobey Marshall

    Thursday, November 10, 2016 5:00 PM

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