Can the Pop-up Approvals identity or label the app being requested RRS feed

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  • New to Office365 MFA and would like to know if it is possible of being considered to identify or label the requested application needing MFA approval.

    Scenerio, I boot my 2 computers on day 30 (Office365 setting is currently at 30 days to trust a device).  Suddenly, my Authenicator app is besieged with 4 to 8 requests for approval.  Outlook, Skype, Teams, Onedrive (times 2).   Better yet, I'm working, and suddenly I get an approval for Onedrive, only I don't know it is onedrive, because I don't notice the icon on the computer so I ignore the request.  Then I can't save my file and get disrupted.

    Thanks for listening and hoping this is either something I've missed or being considered on a roadmap --David

    Saturday, May 5, 2018 4:27 PM