SharePoint Online Doubts


  • I got an requirements to create a custom application for SharePoint Online having few doubts :

    1. This requires read write access on On Premises SAP and SQL Database is it possible to access data directly from SP Online to On Premises Applications if yes then how.

    2. Users are mix of O 365 E1,E3 and K1 if we go for a Provider hosted app will it be accessible to user of any type

    3. What are prerequisites for Provider hosted app with SPO how to host and publish this.

    4. Application is a overall custom application which requires complex Workflows development.

    5. How to provide Access to external users in SPO 6. This application also requires transactions upto 100 per day having 50+ masters and transaction tables will it be ok to put data on SP list.
    6. Please provide an Architecture for SPO and On prim data Integration Kindly Suggest best possible solution

    Wednesday, February 3, 2016 6:47 AM