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  • Hi, I have a situation where I have Setup High availability for the Service and Portal and SSPR, and now am attempting to configure a Warm Standby for the Sync Server.

    The listed process for Activating a standby server

    1. Install the standby server running FIM

    2. Stop the FIMSynchronizationService service on the standby server

    3. Install the primary server running FIM using the same SQL Server database

    4. Restart the FIMSynchronizationService service on the standby server.

    However the primary Sync server has been patched from 4.4.1302.0 -> 4.4.1459.0

    And the Sync service is not yet installed on the Secondary server.

    So if attempting to install the Synchronization service on the second server and pointing it at the same SQL Server database, will changes be made to the database since the sync service won't match the FIMSynchronizationService DB verision.

    If i run through the second install pointing to the existing database and then applying the patch will the FIMSynchronizationService database end up in a stable state or will this cause problems.

    What is the recommended process for a situation like this.

    All the documentation I have read assumes you already have two servers which both have the Synchronization Service already installed.

    Thanks, Leon.

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  • It has been a while, but from memory, if you do a clean install of the Sync Engine, against a newer version of the database, during the installation, it gives a warning, that you need to update the database/sync engine to the previous version, so in theory, it does not make any changes to the database during the secondary install.

    You then need to apply the hotfix to the installation, before the service will start.  Again, its been a while, but if you try to start the service before applying the hotfix, it will fail to start with a database mismatch error.

    Before you start the Secondary Server installation, I would take a backup of the Database, so if anything unexpected does occur, you can restore the database and if possible, I would carry out this work in a test environment, before doing it in a production environment.

    Hope this helps,


    Friday, January 12, 2018 11:45 PM