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    Stick with here here this is odd. (And possibly in the wrong forum)...


    Windows Vista ultimate been running since release.


    I have a text file fomatted as an INI file from a 3rd party application. my.ini. I upgraded the app and needed to change a setting in this file. They have a utility that edits the file for you. Using that utility I changed a single parameter to the new setting. Then running the third party app it still has the old setting.


    If I go to c:\...\my.ini and double click, wordpad will open as the default program and it will show the OLD information. If I open it with NOTEPAD it will show the OLD information. If I open it in TEXTPAD it will show the NEW information.


    I double checked that I wasn't being dumb, like the apps pointing to different my.ini files. etc... Comparing the size from textpad and windows the size and dates are different.


    I EDITED the file with a different change from NOTEPAD and it saves the file. Wordpad now has the change, but Textpad still has the NEW file.


    I resave the file from TEXTPAD and open it in notepad and it is the OLD contents.


    I sent the file via MSN LIVE to a buddy and no matter how he opens it the file is anyways the NEW version. He sent it back to me and when I open it in ANY program it's the OLD version.


    I open the original file in DOS EDIT and it shows the TEXTPAD NEW version of the file, not the OLD version the Notepad shows.....


    The shadow copy stuff is ON. It has one single copy and it is the original OLD version.


    I figured something is out of sync (ya right) and rebooted....




    I don't really care to fix it as much as I want to know wtf.





    Friday, February 22, 2008 11:06 PM

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  • First of all let me say that, while I was writing this(the first time) vista decided to give me the BSOD so the second go round will be shorter becuase I don't feel like typing it all again. Possible causes for this problem.

    1. Multiple instances of the file open at once will prevent changes from being saved properly.
    2. Make sure you changed the name of, or completely replaced the old .ini file.
    3. The program itself could be changing the setting. For example if you change the resolution of a game to a wide screen resolution and it is not supported by the game, going into the menu that lets you select a resolution will automatically change the setting in the .ini file.
    4. I would just use notepad. I always use notepad to edit .ini files. You might have caused some compatibility problem by opening up the file with different programs.

    I would make a copy of the file using the simple right click copy and then change the setting you want, rename the second file to the name of the first, and tell windows to replace the original.
    Sunday, February 24, 2008 6:00 AM