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  • For the pharmacy I have made an application to support a drug preparation. This application is used in public pharmacies as well as in hospitals and industry.
    This is a web-based application. So the installation has been done on the server with a configuration within IIS.
    The clients start the application in InternetExplorer.
    Why InternetExplorer? Because the client's preparation protocols, raw materials need to be weighed and labels must be printed. Hereby I use self-programmed ActiveX controls. And other browsers do not support ActiveX controls.
    The web-based application is generally found to be good.
    As Edge is increasingly "pushing", InternetExplorer seems to be the cornerstone, as well as the application described above.
    My questions are now:

    - How long are web-based applications still supported?

    - Will Edge support ActiveX controls in the future?

    - Is there an alternative?

    I would appreciate if there were sound answers to the above questions.



    Thursday, July 20, 2017 5:11 PM

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  • Hi,

    which ActiveX controls are you using? (flash, java JRT)

    Ones you have written yourself?

    How are you deploying them? (eg. web deployment with the codebase attribute on object tags, standalone desktop installer). Web deployment of ActiveX controls is no longer supported. Flash is pre-installed, Only the latest version of Java JRT is still supported by some web browsers... users must manually update their installation before it will work with IE11. Now is a good time to replace your Java applets with HTML5 or java scripting. Custom ActiveX controls should be deployed by a windows installer (ins) only.

    You should not use XP style markup eg.

    <object clsid="CLSID:{UID}" codebase="url to vendors download site"></object>

    replace with

    <object type="mime type" data="url to activex control data file">

    <embed type="mime type" src="url to activex control data file"/>

    <p>your web browser does not support this type of ActiveX control</p>


    the <applet> tag is depreciated in HTML5, but you can use the <object> tag instead.

    you should also feature test for IE's ActiveX filtering. new ActiveXObject is undefined in modern browsers (only used in IE11) and users can disable Addons (ActiveX controls) and plugins in all modern web browsers. Some third-party Flash plugins (eg. adobeflash.js , googles analytics.js) incorrectly detect flash or html5 media elements.

    IE11 is pre-installed on Windows 10.... In 2014 the then IE Team mentioned 2020 as a possible retirement date for IE. Flash continues to be supported although uses can opt out and use html5 media elements if they are present. Generally, the industry is heading for a Addons/Plugins free web browser experience.... there is no guarantee that support for plugins and Addons (ActiveX, COM) will continue.

    To avoid confusion, please include links to any website you are having problems with your questions.


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    Monday, July 24, 2017 10:13 PM