Task Sequence If Statement for chosen DomainOUs ? RRS feed

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  • In my CustomSettings.ini I have five different "DomainOUs" lines which prompt whoever is running the Task Sequence to select an Org Unit while they're putting in the Computer Name.

    To keep things as simple as possible, I'd like a single Task Sequence that includes multiple "Install Application" packages which get installed based on which OU the machine is in. Can I use the "Options" tab of my various "Install Application" packages with an "If Statement" that applies it based on which "DomainOUs" was chosen earlier?

    I know I can make five separate Task Sequences for each OU and have the five different "Install Application" packages in them, but I'd like to avoid that as when I go to update a common app, I'd have to do that in all five Task Sequences as opposed to one.

    Wednesday, November 5, 2014 11:36 PM