Remote Desktop connection and File Sharing


  • Hello, I have a technical question about file sharing. 

    I use a remote desktop connection to connect to the company server.  We currently are in-between IT service groups (last guy retired, he will be missed!) Anyway, I need to save my desktop folders locally and have 4 or 5 of these local desktop folders saved as a backup on the server.   I just want to get my desktop folders back upped on the server easily. And I don't know how/what to ask for to do this.

    Problems I am encountering:

    1. I don't know how to set up a backup system so it saves the contents of desktop folders on and across a protected server from a desktop file.

    2.  There are two types of folders that I am trying to backup from my desktop. Some folders are easy to copy and some are difficult - details on both are below.  The difficulty comes in the form to types of files in each folder. 

          2a.Folder type 1-  These files are simple customer data files, PDFs, word files, excel files. so some folders are full of updated forms and these folders continually increase in file size and number.  An Easy example of this type would be a invoice.  The folder grows in both size and file number each week because new files are always being added.

         2b. I can't accurately describe the second file type.  We use a program called AMTS - when you open this program you load the specific customer file from a drop down box.  Each time you open the specific customer file the AMTS program saves all the changes you made to that file and updates that customer file with a new date and then transfers the old customer file to an archive file in the C: drive. Basically I want to back up this folder onto the company server. 

    3.  Can we make it safe so that data only gets shared one way?  I don't want people on the server changing my desktop files. 

    Feel free to ask any questions.   Thank you in advance.


    Wednesday, November 11, 2015 2:08 AM