DataFormat error when referencing query to Access DB RRS feed

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  • Good afternoon, all.

    I'm having an issue referencing another query that starts with:

    Source = Access.Database(Web.Contents(<URL to .accdb file hosted on Sharepoint>))

    Unfortunately, the DB is NOT being shared as an Access web app due to firewall issue that our IT is unable/unwilling to address, so the best we can do is to host the .accdb file on our Sharepoint site and connect to it this way. I'm the first to tell you it's a god-awful way to do it, but this part of it is not currently addressable.

    The actual problem we're experiencing is that the query itself is running fine, but when we reference the query from another query, we get a DataFormat error: Unspecified error. The source it lists is apparently the temp file being downloaded. What I think is happening is that the query is running, and instead of caching, it's just using the temp file. When the query stops running, however, it deletes the temp file and basically destroys the 'cache'.

    Has anyone ever run into this? Are there any ways around this? I've tried Table.Buffer, but it's not working (probably because of the way it handles the temp file.)

    Monday, October 30, 2017 11:39 PM


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