Clear username caching by windows authentication dialogue box


  • I have an ASP.Net web application that uses windows authentication. When I access the application it prompts a windows dialog box to input the credentials and a check box "Remember my credentials" to save the user credentials. I have the following requirement for the application to ensure security,

    The application should clear the "UserName" and "Password" fields on windows authentication dialog box every time he access the application, even though if he selects the  "Remember my credentials" check box during in previous login.

    I tried creating a registry key "DisablePasswordCaching", but this clears only the password field but not the username. And this fix should be done in all the client machines which is not a valid option. 

    Could you please suggest me an approach to clear the username and password cache on windows authentication dialog window every time he access the application??
    Friday, September 25, 2015 4:13 PM