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  • I'm in the process of preparing my current SBS 2003 server for migration to SBS 2011. However it is noted in the "Migrate to Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard from Windows Small Business Server 2003 guide" that

    -Do not upgrade to Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 until you reach the section Move the internal website for Windows SBS 2011 Standard migration.

    The server has already Sharepoint services 3.0, am i going to run into big trouble when i start the migration to SBS 2011? We have a site in Sharepoint and is a critical component in my organization.

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    Hi Matthew0786,

    You should to migrate the internal website on the document. The following is from the document .

    1.    In the Migration Wizard, on the Migration Wizard Home page, click Migrate SharePoint Web site, and then click  Next.
    2.    If you do not want to migrate your internal website, click Skip Task, and then click Next.
    3.    If you want to migrate your internal website, perform the following procedures in the order listed.    

    a. Configure the forward lookup zone for the internal website on the Source Server
    b. Create security groups for Companyweb
    c. Back up the content database for the internal website (Companyweb)
    d. Install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Service Pack 2 on the Source Server
    e. Configure Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 on the Source Server
    f. Delete the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 default website
    g. Start the websites on the Source Server
    h. Run the Prescan tool on the Source Server
    i. Stop the internal website (Companyweb) on the Source Server
    j. Connect to Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
    k. Detach the content database for the internal website on the Source Server
    l. Create a new web application called TempCompanyWeb on the Source Server
    m. Attach the content database
    n. Prepare to migrate from Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
    o. Configure the forward lookup zone for the internal website on the Destination Server
    p. Migrate Companyweb to the Destination Server
    q. Remove the ShareWebDb content database on the Destination Server
    r. Restore the Source Server database to the Destination Server
    s. Grant read permissions on the Destination Server
    t. Restore the content database to a Second Server running the Windows SBS 2011 Premium Add-on
    u. Enable Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 features
    v. Configure Search for Companyweb
    w. Set up FAX
    x. Migrate other Web applications

         4.   When you finish migrating your internal website to the Destination Server, return to the Migration Wizard, click Task Complete on the Migrate your internal Web site page, and then click Next.

    If you were using the built-in administrator account on the Source Server to manage the internal website, and if you plan to disable the built-in administrator account, you must add an administrator account on the Destination Server, and then set it up as the administrator of the internal website.

    When you finish the procedures in this document, the links from the previous internal website (Companyweb) to Outlook Web Access (OWA) and to Helpdesk will no longer resolve correctly. This is by design.

    Here is a blog, you can refer to it.




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