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    I have got a Dell computer which has Windows Vista with 1GB ram and 320 GB Hard-disk and i want to reformat my computer than partition the drives and than make 2 operating systems(XP and vista). I dont know how to do this. Please could someone give me a complete-detailed guide telling me how to do this and in which order. I want to keep just 40 GB for vista and the rest for XP (I want to have a few partitions in this too). I have got the CD's of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Partition magic. If you need to ask me anything please send me an e-mail at ronnie0409@gmail.com. I would prefer getting replies from a person who has done this before and/or has a lot of knowledge about this. Please tell me if I should post this thread in some other section.
    Please help!!!
    Wednesday, December 12, 2007 1:57 PM


  • Hi ~ronnie0409~,


    Thank you for the post.


    First you need to contact Dell to confirm if Windows XP is supported by this computer. Please understand some new models of computers only support Windows Vista as only Windows Vista drivers are released. In addition, please confirm if you Windows Vista disk can be used to clean install Windows Vista. Some OEMs only provide Windows Vista disks that can be used to restore the system to factory settings and cannot be used to clean install Windows Vista.


    If Windows XP is supported by your computer and your Windows Vista disk can be used to do a clean install, we can try the following method to install a Windows XP/Vista dual boot system:


    (If you have information data on the computer, please back up it first)


    1.   Restart the computer and boot from the Windows XP disk.

    2.   Delete all partitions and recreate new partitions. For example, you can create a 30GB C partition for Windows XP, 40GB D partition for Windows Vista, 100GB E partition for data, 100 GB F partition for data and 50GB G partition for data.

    3.   Install Windows XP on C partition. When prompted to format the partition, please format it in NTFS (not quick format).

    4.   After Windows XP has been installed, enter Disk Management (Click Start, click Run, type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter). Right-click the C, D, E, F and G partitions and click Format to format them in NTFS (not quick format).

    5.   Restart the computer and boot from the Windows Vista disk.

    6.   Install Windows Vista on the D partition.


    Then you will get a Windows XP/Vista dual boot system.


    However, I recommend you contact Dell first to confirm if you need to pay attentions to some other aspects before the installation.


    Hope it helps.


    Best regards,

    Tim Quan

    Microsoft Online Community Support



    Friday, December 14, 2007 7:11 AM