Occurrence of 100% CPU Utilization and Needs to Reset IIS


  • We have developed a mission-critical application for a healthcare facility, and we used and MS SQL, and Windows Server 2008... Once in a while, without warning, our system will hang, and when we look at the CPU utilization, it would indicate 100%, even if all users have stopped doing anything, and there is no recourse, but to restart the IIS and that's when the program will normalize again, there is no clear indication when and why the said CPU utilization happens, some times, even if only a couple of users are logged in, this scenario may still happen.

    What may be the possible reasons this happens, and what should we do to be able to check and pinpoint part of program, or hardware that triggers this problem?

    Hope some one can help me on this...

    CF Wilson

    Friday, January 03, 2014 5:59 AM


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