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  • Hi guys,

    After a bit of help with MOSS 2007 and SQL. I have limited knowledge when it comes to SharePoint/MOSS & SQL and have had this dropped into my lap to sort. Please bear with me if what I say is a bit basic.

    A bit of background information:

    I inhertied a MOSS 2007 server which soon hit the 4GB database limit. After doing some research it became apparent had been set up using the "Basic" option using the embedded SQL Express.

    After doing some reading, I thought the way to resolve this was to use full-fat SQL 2005 (we have an Enterprise license available). I built a new server, installed SQL 2005 Ent first then installed MOSS 2007 (chose the "Advanced Option" then Standalone server). Thought all was working well until the same complaint of 4GB limit started coming in.

    Couple of questions I hope someone might be able to help with:

    1) - I now believe that choosing the Standalone server still installs SQL Express. Is this correct? Even if full-fat SQL server is already present?

    2) - Is there a way to overcome the 4GB limit with having SQL Ent already installed? All the searching I've done states what the problem is and what causes it, but not how to resolve it.

    I have a feeling the answer may be to re-install but use the Advanced Options / Complete install but would be grateful for any advice before I start going down this route.

    Thanks in advance,


    Thursday, February 23, 2012 9:51 AM


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  • Hi Lessthanlee,

    Thanks for your post.
    When you installed MOSS 2007 using the "Advanced Option" then Standalone server, it will install all components on a single machine (include SQL Server 2005 express edition). And the SQL Server 2005 express edition has a 4G limit.
    So, please use the “Completed” installation in the “Advanced Option”. And then you can specify the SQL Server, Database name and service account.

    then, you can upgrade the SQL Server from express to SQL Server。

    of course, you can back up the content database in SQL Server Express at first, and then restore them to SQL Server 2006 Full version.

    Wayne Fan
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    Wayne Fan

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    Friday, February 24, 2012 2:08 AM
  • Hi Wayne,

    Thank you for the reply, much appreicated! I had managed to answer the first question myself experimenting with some virtual machines yesterday. My assumption was that because I could view the databases in SQL Management that they were using SQL Server and not Express until i realised the instance I was connected to was SQLExpress (newbie FAIL!)

    Thanks for the links with the details on upgrading / backup and restore - i think this most likely the way forward if i can work out a workable solution.

    One final question: If I have a MOSS server that has SQL Express installed and I perform a SharePoint backup (through SharePoint Central Admin), if the restore is done on a MOSS server with SQL Server Ent, will the 4GB database limit still apply? (ie, is the 4GB limit embedded into database itself, or is it a limitation of the SQL install its running on?).

    Many thanks,


    Friday, February 24, 2012 10:31 AM
  • Hi Lee,

    If you have SQL Server Enterprise as the database server, the 4GB database limitation won't be applied. It is limit to the installation of the version of SQL Server.

    Jinchun Chen

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    Monday, February 27, 2012 11:50 AM