Windows Search 4.0 in Windows XP SP3 - searching on partial words or terms in Microsoft Outlook 2007 RRS feed

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  • I recently installed Windows Search 4.0 in Windows XP SP3 in order to more easily search my email in Outlook (which is connected to Exchange). Before I installed Windows Search 4.0, I could search on partial words or numbers, which is especially useful when searching for emails about support incident numbers (I work in Tier 2 technical support) - e.g. searching "12345" would find any messages containing "INC000012345". Now, I must search on the full value - e.g. "INC000012345" in order to find messages. Searching in Windows Search outside of email - files on my machine, that is - works fine; if I search for "12345" it finds, for instance, a PDF with the word "INC000012345" in the file name (or file contents). How can I fix this? I've tried using wildcard characters to no avail, as well - e.g. "*12345" or "INC*12345".

    This issue is present with both mail stored on Exchange and mail stored locally in PST files on my machine. I have tried deleting and rebuilding the Windows Search index without success.

    Tuesday, March 15, 2011 9:59 PM