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  • Pretty Unstable - but you should build some version of the windows feedback app that is dedicated to previews - because there is no good way to provide feedback - which seems counter to the whole purpose of a preview

    1. - right mouse click when on various screens - like devices when you are in white space - dashboard terminates

    2. - get an add-in notice that "computers"

    3. My main goal here is to have AAD users be able to log on to on prem machines - to achieve that is a tad cluncky.  The dashboard has a clean import of AAD users, but once imported, they do no inherit their AAD passwords and this is not made clear anywhere - so I am sitting there trying to log in and doesn't work - trained seal moment.  Then when you go to the user windows in the dashboard - you don't really have what you need there you need to go to AD users -

    You need to deselect change password at next logon and then you must change the password at the DC level - which because its been synced with AAD, changes the AAD password too to the new value - none of this is terrible except that it is documented nowhere - and if the DC is supposed to inherit the pw from the AAD user when they are added to the DC, then it doesn't work - this was the same as preview ver 3

    4. DNS - I set up a DC as a VM on hyper-v on a win 10 machine and connected it to a win 10 vm.  the win 10 vm machine needs to use the DC machine's ip as the dns server.  the dc dns set primary to and secondary to be the fios router. 

    Saturday, November 21, 2015 5:33 AM


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    Nirmal Madhawa Thewarathanthri

    Monday, November 23, 2015 1:32 AM