Not seeing quarantined spam mail in Forefront security for exchange. RRS feed

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  • I have a client which we have just installed Forefront protection 2010 for Exchange on their (single Exchange server).  I have a few  issue.

    1) I want to give the clients staff access to the quarantined items to allow self management of quarantined emails. Is there a way of doing this without FOPE as well.

    2) The clients wants users (recipients)  to receive a notification of when a items have been quarantined that were destined for them.

    3) (Primary Problem) Prior to the installation of Forefront protection 2012 we had configured  Exchange 2010 to quarantine into the administrators mailbox based on SCL rating. We would receive 10 - 20 emails per day that were quarantined. Since we installed Forefront Protection 2012 for exchange instaled (3 days now) I do not see any quarantined emails  (except some arond 10 message which are reported as an INcident Category of virus).  This is creating a confidene issue. Particularly in the stats below provided by Forefront which state there are 446 quarantined items and none show up in the quarantine.

    My spam details are reported as follows:

    SMTP Filtering 23332

    blocked by sender filtering 85

    blocked by sender ID filtering 534

    blocked by recipient filtering 13333

    Content Filtering

    processed 9380

    rejected 504

    deleted 1344

    quarantined 446 - I cannot see any of these in the quarantine.

    Can you help me find these and why it is not showing up in the quaratine?

    .Net Development Addict

    Thursday, August 30, 2012 2:20 PM