Groove 2007 won't download any workspaces on two different machines


  • One is XPSP3 second is W7. Focusing on XPSP3 for the moment.

    I am on a machine that is leaving a domain. When I log into the domain user, Groove 2007 works fine.

    As part of leaving the domain I created a new local profile, logged in, and migrated data, set up email, etc. (The user is in the Administrator group).

    I ran Groove, imported an existing account. And Groove runs, but will not download any workspaces.

    It sees other machines running Groove (that are on remote networks), including my machine in the office. It does not see my laptop, which is on the same network and is running Sharepoint Workspace (from Office 2010).

    I have tried Grooveclean, but not Grooveclean -all, because I am not sure I won't lose my working Groove account in the other profile on this machine.




    Sunday, January 15, 2012 4:43 PM

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  • Running the same account in two profiles on a machine is problematic at best, and those two instances of the account cannot exchange data. (See "Two copies of the same Groove account will become unsynchronized when you use the account as two Windows users in Groove at SharePoint Workspace doesn't even multiple accounts!  However, you are seeing additional problems, so I suspect you have a domain Groove account that uses a Relay Server that your non-domain Windows account cannot access. You can connect to other users' relays, so you can see them, but they never recognize your account as online to receive data.

    Instead of trying to use an account with domain dependencies, I suggest creating a new account. Getting the data over will be complicated (another account cannot read your current data files), but with two computers, you should be able to manage it without losing anything other than messages. I recently went through this on one of my work computers (for other reasons) and was able to fetch even 2.5 workspaces to the new account! Your procedure may vary (depending on the resources you have available) but here's what I did:

    1. On one computer, I made sure I had all of my workspaces.
    2. On the second computer, I backed up the groove data files to a location outside of my profile, and then cleaned all Groove data.
    3. I rebooted and restarted SharePoint Workspace. Since it didn't find any Groove data, I was prompted to create a new account. (You may need a license key, at this point.)
    4. From my new account, I saved my contact information ("Save this Contact as a file" in Options/Preferences/Identities) and then transfered that file to the other computer, with my orginal account. In Options/Preferences/Security, I disabled workspace version restrictions.
    5. With the old account, I read the contact file, and then invited the new account to all my workspaces.
    6. With the old account, I save contact information for the few contacts not in any workspaces and sent those to the new account.

    As I said, you may need to adapt this. Be careful to back everything up in case your first attempt goes wrong! The directory you want on XP is:

                  C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\OFFICE\Groove
    You will lose message history; with Groove 2007, there's no way around that other than individually forwarding each message.
    I hope this helps!
    Friday, January 20, 2012 11:26 PM