Chkdsk keeps running and reporting "phantom" (?) 4KB bad block after HDD replaced and re-imaged RRS feed

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  • I recently replaced a failed SATA drive with a brand new one, which is SATA3. I did a full re-image of the new drive from a Norton Ghost 15 image, made on an external network drive. After re-imaging, I manually restored all documents and favourites, again from Ghost 15 file and folder backups. The new hard drive is working fine. Windows boots up and works without any errors, slowness or freezes. Ghost 15 is running regular, daily file and folder backups without errors. In the old hard drive, Ghost had started failing to re-image with error saying that specific files (all seemed to be in the my documents folder) were unreadable. So basically the system works fine except that, at bootup, almost every bootup, or roughly around every other one, chkdsk/f runs (3-stage) and finds 4KB bad block. The Event Viewer entry shows this info under Windows XP application log, winlogon. I am suspecting that some corrupt files may have been copied when I re-imaged the new drive. I have run a full hard drive diagnostic using Dell diagnostics (which uses PC-Doctor) and as expected, there is nothing wrong the the new drive. I may have to do a clean install of Windows manually by formatting the new drive and starting all over again, but this is a pretty tedious task! What is going on here? What is chkdsk reporting exactly? I thought chkdsk "bad blocks" were due to defective physical HDD sectors, not just corrupt files. *System info: Dell Dimension E520 desktop Western Digital SATA3 Caviar Blue 500GB hard drive 2GB RAM Windows XP Professional, SP3 Windows reported hard drive size: 465GB; free space 441GB Can Montreal, Canada
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