Architecture- Planning DPs for ConfigMgr 2012 using App-V with Shared Content Store (SCS) RRS feed

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  • We are considering deploying App-V sequenced apps using ConfigMgr 2012 sp1 and configuring clients to use the Shared Content Store feature of App-V 5.

    ConfigMgr 2012 supports this, basically it means that our DPs will become App-V Shared Content Stores with clients simultaneously accessing published content for sequenced apps.

    I would expect that as the number of clients accessing content increases, performance and client "happiness" will decrease.  ConfigMgr 2012 will support 4000 clients per-DP, but I would expect that in a shared content store scenario the ideal number would be "less" but has anyone seen or collected performance metrics?  My searches have yielded nothing.

    Disclaimer- I realize that the actual response is "it depends" based on network throughput, number of sequenced apps, number of non-sequenced apps the DP hosts etc...  but I am looking for any baseline info that I could base a "phase 1" recommendation on.



    Wednesday, May 29, 2013 8:15 PM

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  • Hi Filthy_Pierre,

    we have the same problem. How clients are good for one DP?
    Additionally we search a solution to make the DP high availability. An application is published direct from a DP and streams the full content from this DP?
    But, if the DP isn't reachable the application crash :-( Only close the applications, unpublish and publish give the user the ability to work.
    Is there a other solution? (Clustering the DP, change the streaming-path per default to an Web-/File-Cluster, change the path dynamical without appcrash in case of DP-loss?

    In compliance with this restriction (?) we choose a large client-number for one DP.

    Best regards


    Thursday, May 30, 2013 10:33 AM