Intermittent APP-V 5 SP 2 Service Crashes


  • Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help me!

    We are running CM2012 SP1, Windows 7 x64 SP1 with APP-V 5 SP2 client.

    Windows 7 Workstations are VMWare Horizon View floating pool machines that are refreshed on log-off and have been prepped correctly for CM2012.

    Flow of issue is as follows.

    When Publish-AppvClientPackage or Add-AppvClientPackage powershell cmdlets are run manually or invoked through config manager client we intermittently receive (for example) in the AppEnforce.log

    Publish-AppvClientPackage : Failure to communicate with Application Virtualization Service. Operation attempted: Publish AppV Package. HRESULT: 800706BE.

    Sometimes the app will be added to the store but not published etc. depending on which cmdlet fails.

    These failures coincide with the failure of the APP-V client service and I can see the service stopping, re-starting and stopping again. This is further confirmed by the Windows System and Application log respectively:

    EVENT 7034:

    The Microsoft App-V Client service terminated unexpectedly.  It has done this 4 time(s).

    and Event 1000:

    Faulting application name: AppVClient.exe, version: 5.0.3361.0, time stamp: 0x52781536
    Faulting module name: AppVEntStreamingManager.dll, version: 5.0.3361.0, time stamp: 0x52781643

    Sometimes these cmdlets will run and the App-V service will stay running but i can find no pattern as to why.

    I've tried removing, re-installing the APP-V client, disabling the AV, checking the pre-requisites etc and no luck.

    Before I start picking apart this piece by piece does anyone have any insight as to why this could be happening? Some kind of conflict somewhere?


    Thursday, March 27, 2014 4:10 PM


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