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  • Good morning,
    I havehere with usonthe matterfor a few weeksa problem with aTSserver.
      SBSserver (domain)containing themailserver(2003server).
      about 10workstations.
      Sinceabout 2 weeks,it happensfrequently thatthe TSserverIneed togivea hard resetbecause they no longerbe accessed.
      Onthe TSserver runsa database ofour administrationprogram.
      Thisdatabaseisused byall workstations.
      If the TSserverhangswhenfirstwe noticethattheadministration programbecause itdoes not workorstops working.
      If this happensIcannotlog inthe TS, bothlocallyandvia RDPI can notlog in anymore.
      LocallyI canentermy username andwwbutthen remainsinthe login screenhang.
    I thinkit is notthehardwarenetwork becausethe serverat that momentIstilljustcan ping.
      The problemappearsespecially in the morningstodo.
      Alsoto report is notevery morningthesamepeopleatthe samemoment.
      It seems,therefore,does notatthat one of theworkstationsto theproblem sincethere is alsothe problemisnotas there are people.
    I have acolleague whoworks on Saturdayand he haseverhadthis problemsothatitisa workstation thatislogged onat that time.
    when I logon into the server with a user, not as admin it appears after a time also to go wrong

     Up to now made​​,
    Lastwindows update03/15/2012
    Logsalltimesbutthereis nothingspecial atthetime ofhanging.

    I feelit has to dowiththeloginof personsin the network.
    Does anyone havesuggestions

    Wednesday, March 21, 2012 10:47 AM


  • Hi,

    In order to facilitate the reading, I re-added spaces to your post.

    "I have here with us on the matter for a few weeks a problem with a TS server.
    SBS server (domain)containing the mail server(2003server).
    TS server(2003server)
    about 10workstations.
    Since about 2 weeks ,it happens frequently that the Ts server I need to give a hard reset because they no longer be accessed.
    On the TS server runs a database of our administration program.
    This database issued  by all workstations.
    If the TS server hangs when first we notice that thread ministration program because it does not work or stops working.
    If this happens I cannot log in the TS, both locally and via RDP I cannot log in anymore.
    Locally I can enter my username and ww but then remain sin the login screen hang.
    I think it is not the hardware network because the server at that moment I still just can ping.
    The problem appears specially in the mornings to do.
    Also to report is not every morning the same people at the same moment.
    It seems ,therefore, does not at that one of the workstations to the problem since there is also the problem is not as there are people.
    I have a colleague who works on Saturday and he has ever had this problem so that it is a workstation that is logged on at that time.
    when I logon into the server with a user, not as admin it appears after a time also to go wrong
    Up to now made​​,
    Last windows update03/15/2012
    malware scan
    NIC replaced
    Logs all times but there is nothing special at the time of hanging.

    I feel it has to dowith the login of person sin the network.
    Does anyone have suggestions


    For this issue, please using Performance Monitor to monitor the performance of the server status, if the memory or CPU loading is too high. Then you can find which process ID causing the problem.

    More information:
    Using Performance Monitor

    Performance Monitor Wizard

    Make sure you have installed the required updates in Terminal servers. If it is a hardware issue, contact your administrator or computer hardware vendor for further assistance.

    According to my previous experience, please check if any antivirus software led to this issue. You can disable or uninstall the 3rd security software/ Management Agent in the Windows Server to see whether same issue still exists.

    Hope this helps.


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    Sunday, March 25, 2012 10:06 AM