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  • After changing permission for one user, the user's "Personal Settings" menu disappeared. Only after restarting the client computer then the menu is back. What can be the cause of this?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Tuesday, December 20, 2011 7:31 AM

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  • Hi There,

    Did you try to clenup the cache before restarting the machine?

    Once you restarted the machine, It might have cleaned up the cache.

    Office SharePoint Server 2007 uses output caching technology native to ASP.NET 2.0 to manage when and how page content is served. When output caching is used correctly, it can significantly improve the throughput and user response time.  Each Web server uses the page output cache to store rendered output of all controls on a given page, and then store several different variations of this pre-rendered page. While a page is cached by the output cache, later requests for that page by the users who have similar permissions are served from the output cache without executing the code or control that created it for the specified duration of the cache. The amount of time required to provide the page to the end user is thus limited to the time required by the Web server to retrieve the page from memory.

    Thanks, Amit Khare |EPM Consultant| Blog:
    Tuesday, December 20, 2011 9:15 AM
  • Hello Amit,

    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    Does that mean I have to disable the output caching? Can you tell me how to do that?

    One thing makes me confused is that the "Personal Settings" menu should be there for all kind of security groups right? This and several other navigation links were disappeared after changing the user's security group to Administrators.

    Here is the snapshot.



    Regards, Marvin

    by the way I found a forum thread saying that it is related to synchronization job that is not yet completed.

    If it is the sync job, why does it require client PC restart to complete the job?

    Wednesday, December 21, 2011 4:36 AM
  • Hi Marvin,

    You mention that you changed the security groups for the user, are you 100% sure that for the administrator group that access to the Personal Settings (and Server Settings looking at the screenshot) is available?

    It might be worth confirming you don't have the specific user in a group that has a deny set up (i,e, an administrator and team member). The deny will override any assigned permissions irrespective of the group they are in (you could have allow in admin, but deny in team members).

    The quick launch menu has always been a bit tricky and can take a couple of refreshes in the browser to pick up the new settings. I tend to check it using the 'In Private' mode of IE which seems to force it down.

    hope this helps,

    Alex Burton | Twitter
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    Friday, December 23, 2011 9:24 PM