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  • I am extremely "pissed off" at AMD/ATI & Microsoft!!!


     I have been a end-user, and a great advocate for all their products since the have been around (20 years...). I have been using the AIW since they started making it! What a great card! To my disgusts, I find that this Canadian ICON in the consumer pc graphic card industry which is now a part of AMD, a true failure in honouring their biggest supporters the consumers! Furthermore, AMD/ATI should demand (MS) to support and help resolve this issue immediately since they have stipulated that the product would be Vista compatible. I am on my 5th AIW product and the last is the AIW 9600. I did not want to go to Vista for many reasons, which reflects this particular problem with other components. I was ready to purchase all the new technology in order to benefit from, the so called: VISTA Experience! Well talk about getting screwed! When getting screwed, you are supposed to be enjoying it! Guess what, "we're not loving it!"


     If by the end of the year AMD/ATI & MS do not resolve this issue, I will be no longer purchase AMD CPU's or ATI products! I will return to the Intel Processor, as I was such a devoted consumer. As for MS, well they are still the bully, and getting more and more so. We, the consumers, have allowed them to become as such! We are to blame, sadly enough to say. We should stop purchasing any of their products (AMD/ATI, MS) and persuade our fellow colleagues, friends & family to do the same. They do not deserve to receive our cold hard cash!! They have become greedy, careless and disrespectful and should be dealt with a sharp and continuous stab at a loss of revenue! This would trigger a serious problem and investors will see trouble. But let us not forget they are in it for the cash! No emotion of anger!! So if we stop the purchases, it will definitely hurt them!!!


     They have a few months to make this right, if not; my decision making will change very quickly! Don't think for a second I won't do it! I have been toying with the idea of switching all our PC's from AMD's (which we did to save a few bucks) My company uses about 60 of these cards and we have well over 350 pc’s and a dozen servers. But I assure you with some of the problems we are having; it won't be hard to go back to Intel, where we had no issues! We have been toying with the idea of doing Linux as well, due to the high cost of licences (MS) and components. I don't need to say more.




     One pissed off customer!


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    Sunday, April 22, 2007 3:02 PM