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    Google is very controlling over your device it doesn't matter if it's your phone or if it's your laptop or your computer and they don't care if you got a business my phone was locked for 30 days I lost 5 weeks worth of business lost my house and then they locked. I got my phone back started my business again you wouldn't good and yesterday yesterday was November 1st second was November 2nd once again Google has locked my phone the same phone too J-3 primer from Samsung person could do to fix it so I destroyed it the phone I have it right here Google's made so bad now that I have the only computer that I can use.   I'm trying to use Microsoft my Outlook email account because I don't want nothing to do with Google or my email account with them Gmail they won't let me leave share everything if I forget my password I'm doomed Microsoft has ways of resetting your password without locking your phone I mean my Firefox doesn't do it why does Google do it why does he pick on me if I lost my mind you got to make the money we're just a bunch of nobodies over here that's two phones I have all kinds of different phones that I use never knowing what I use it sometimes I have to get to my emails I have to use a phone or different device why is it that every time that I get on a device if I forget the password I get locked up

    Saturday, November 4, 2017 12:48 PM