wac Excel Failed to download chart or image


  • Hi,I have a problem.who can help me?

    when the excel file contain picture size larger than 2M,then _layouts/DynamicImageProvider.aspx return 500 error.the brower message is :Failed to download chart or image,the system log write:"Unable to generate a chart in "……", The size of the chart exceeds the maximum allowed size set by the administrator.",In Google,there no answer.

    find one is:
    In Excel Service, there is a file size limit in the configuration. Large graphs may cause this to fail.  By default  is 

    1MB, so if a chart is bigger than that, it won't render. To solve the issue, Please take steps as below:

    Go to central Administration->Application management->manage service applications->Excel services application->Trusted 

    File Locations.
    Edit the Trusted File Location, change Maximum Chart or Image Size to 50 and Maximum Concurrent Queries Per Session to 

    Go to Global Settings, change Memory Cache Threshold to 95.
    but this set is in sharepoint. I only office web apps server in my server,where i can set?

    help me

    Tuesday, May 31, 2016 10:32 AM

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