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  • *This is a strange one ...my guess is some new malware infection that isn't being detected by my goto toolkit.*

    User reports that although they can go to websites, they are unable to go to Bing.com or Google.com and get resolution.  Additionally, if they go to say www.msnbc.com and try to use the bing search box it likewise doesn't ever produce a results page.  The user has attempted both Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 browsers with the same result.

    With Internet Explorer I did a 'reset' and to no positive effect.  All other desktops in the domain do not have this problem.  The firewall policies and the Trend Micro WFBS Console do not have any configurations that could be linked as plausibly responsible for just on PC and not the others.  The PC has been restarted and removing the trojan and updating Jave and Adobe Flash.

    The PC is currently undergoing a full scan for malware.  Initial 'quick' scans detected a trojan .sys file in the Temp directory but nothing else.  Tools used so far are MalwareByts Anti-walmare & Spybot S&D along with the Trend Micro WFBS client agent which performs and ongoing real-time scan and will do a scan over the lunch hour.

    Any ideas?  Any recommendations for other 'malware' detection tools?

    Dale Unroe
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    Monday, October 24, 2011 3:49 PM

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  • Thank you be we aren't interested in installing alternate AV software.

    What occured was that a second tech started work on this PC and the Trend Agent was not visibly functioning.  He incorrectly assumed it wasn't installed and so then installed the Microsoft Security Essentials software and began a scan.  It was able to detect a rootkit but wasn't able to clean it.  Further research showed that Kaspersky had a cleaning tool to address this infection.  The system was cleaned and that problem was resolved.  However, there are other lingering problems including the damaged installation of TM WFBS Agent that needed manually removed before it could be reinstalled to repair this software.  Other issues exists and a wipe & reload is in order.

    Dale Unroe
    Sunday, October 30, 2011 12:54 PM