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  • I wondered if you could be so kind to advise. We have UAG, but I am trying to clarify whether it truly supports single sign-on with RDP.


    User logs into UAG portal, user clicks a link to a terminal server 2003 or 2008
    User is then automatically logged into the chosen terminal server

    I have tried so many combinations, info is thin on the ground.

    If I can not do SSO this way I can not roll this out to the business.

    Before, we where using a custom asp script which would transfer the username and password from the portal session to the terminal server, this no longer works with windows 7 and server 2008.

    Many thanks

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  • Hi,

    RDP protocol does not enable SSO for Remote Desktop, only for RemoteApp. Therefore, UAG does not support SSO to Remote Desktop.



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