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  • We are using Exchange 2010 SP1 Rollup 2.

    We are using Cisco Unified Messaging 8.5 for our Voice over IP phone system and Outlook integration.


    When we cut over our phone system to the Cisco solution 2 months ago, we started getting the following repeated entry in our IIS Log files on our Exchange Server which correspond to an Active Directory service account I created for ‘Voicemail to Outlook’ integration.


    2011-09-05 19:45:29 POST /EWS/Exchange.ASMX ;RC:df00fddd-9ed8-4d04-940c-01046ad2c806;Impersonate:CXY\jsmith;Init>>Conn:0,HangingConn:0,AD:30000/30000/0%,CAS:54000/54000/0%,AB:30000/30000/0%,RPC:36000/36000/0%,FC:1000/0,Policy:DefaultThrottlingPolicy_edb4bafb-57ff-4882-9fda-d4ea678fd293,Norm,Sub:5000/174;[C]Queues:0msec/Execute:0msec;SoapAction=m:FindFolder;Version=1;RpcC=4;RpcL=0;LdapC=0;LdapL=0;End(0ms)>>Conn:1,HangingConn:0,AD:30000/30000/0%,CAS:54000/54000/0%,AB:30000/30000/0%,RPC:36000/36000/0%,FC:1000/1,Policy:DefaultThrottlingPolicy_edb4bafb-57ff-4882-9fda-d4ea678fd293,Norm[Resources:(Mdb)MailboxBD(Health:-1%,HistLoad:0),],Sub:5000/174; 443 CXY\ums-service - 200 0 0 31


    The daily IIS log file size have been around 40MB per day for the last two months which is ok. But last week the daily log size increased to 800MB per day.

    1)       Is there anything on the Exchange side that would have increased the size of these logs so dramatically?

    2)       Is there any reason to be concerned about these messages?

    3)       If these messages are not important, is there any way to turn them off?




    Tuesday, September 6, 2011 6:09 PM


  • I recommend that you ask your Cisco Unity expert or a Cisco Unity forum whether this is normal, since that appears to be the variable in this equation.
    Ed Crowley MVP "There are seldom good technological solutions to behavioral problems."
    Tuesday, September 6, 2011 6:37 PM