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  • I'm not sure how to best describe this, so will do my best.. I am upgrading an MDT setup so we can support Windows server 2016 deployments, the old MDT was version 6.2.5019.0, and the new is 6.3.8330.1000. My question is specifically to do with Encoding and decoding passwords.  We have some automated processes that pull user passwords Encode them and add them to CustomSettings.ini (in fact we build the customsettings.ini on the fly adding all the information gathered for the specific build) We set UserPassword="encoded password" and we also have set the parm UserPasswordEncoded=Yes, this has worked fine, MDT would automatically decode the password and use it to connect to the deployment share.  After upgrading to the new MDT version this no longer works. I have tried some manual litetouch builds changing the parms using EncodedUserPassword=...  etc, but that did not work either.  Is there something different in the new version or something I am missing?  I have seen posts where scripts were added to decode and encode, but we never had to do that in the previous version. 
    Wednesday, June 14, 2017 5:46 PM