Korean Keyboard


  • I realize that there are many posts and threads and guides ALL OVER THE INTERNET about how to install and use IMEs or keyboards on any PC or MAC using any type of OS. I understand that but that isn't my problem. I want to know which key represents which character when using the Windows 8 Korean IME. I am fluent in Korean reading and writing but my keyboard is a standard QWERTY which doesn't tell me what comes out when I type in Korean. I've looked up various IME guides and they have images showing which key gives which character, but for some reason, the guides don't match what my own keyboard does.

    For instance, the guide tells me that by pressing "A" I will get the "ㅁ" but when I press "A" I get "ㅇ". I'm really frustrated with this because I need to type in Korean but I can't possibly just keep using trial and error to memorise the keyboard because it takes too long. Is there a way to display a virtual keyboard or maybe a proper image showing me which key does what?? Please help.

    Sunday, October 13, 2013 7:32 AM


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