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  • I am using AMO to deploy the structure of an analysis services database to multiple installations.  I'm doing this by creating a backup of SSAS database A and restoring it as database B.  I restore database B then change the data source of database B programmatically in C#, then process.  Processing the original database A takes approx. 15 minutes, but it takes approx 2 1/2 hours to process database B.  Each datasource SQL database contains a comparable amount of data and the SSAS databases are approximately the same size (7 mg vs 8.5 mg). 

    Am I missing a step before processing database B that would improve the processing time?  I am performing a full process and have the error configuration set to ignore errors.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Wendell G.  

    Thursday, January 26, 2006 1:49 PM


  • Factors that influence database processing times - given that the models are the same are:

    1. Amount of memory that is available.  Typically - the more the memory - the faster the processing.

    2.  CPU speeds.

    3.  Load on SQL server (or relational source)

    4.  Query load on AS - this may not apply to you since you're probably processing the database for the first time.

    5.  Processing options - in general incremental processing is expected to be slower than full process for a comparable number of records. 

    I don't know if any of the above factors apply to you, but, if they don't - please file a bug with a repro'.  I'd be very interested in taking a look.


    Wednesday, June 7, 2006 5:28 PM