Issues while accessing External Hard Drive after encrypting it with Bitlocker. RRS feed

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  • So I had tried to encrypt my drive with bitlocker and its was a while ago but then I tried to decrypt it as It was taking a long time and the drive got disconnected and the decryption was disrupted and then it took time to load up the password page and It said the correct password and the key was wrong and won't open now please help me out if possible.It just say its the wrong password even thought its correct and I lags my This PC while loading up sometimes it crashes This PC and doesn't start back until HDD is disconnected. I have tried M3 Bitlocker recovery but my encrypted files are not able to load its in binary and other gibberish that makes no sense, should I give it another try because its very expensive to purchase and wont let me use the free trial for some reason.
    Saturday, August 17, 2019 6:03 PM

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  • To save time,start pc in safe-mode (F8) key on start-up/normal mode/open user Account,locate Parental Software,uncheck the box,exit.Open cmd or run,type: services.msc in msc,scroll to Parental/double click/set to Disable/exit,maybe scroll to Bitlocker,set to Auto,exit or edit others,restart pc when thru.Also,in run or cmd,type: diskmgmt.msc in msc, on a drive,go up to Actions/All/set to: Make active if not already set to this.Also,update youre Storage Controller software/driver,if its Intel based,follow the link.

    By default,a Win 10 OS has storage mgmt...

    Saturday, August 17, 2019 8:54 PM