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  • Hi,

    I need some guidance on whether and how fast esp calculates a match completeness score, i.e.

    query entered by user: “man”

    fast will possibly match with "manager," (score 10) "program manager"(score 8) and "blue widget manufacturing" (score 6)

    Also, if the above can be implemented, can these results be sorted by their score?


    Thank you in advance,

    Dosie Zervou

    Monday, May 23, 2011 11:50 AM

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  • Hi,
    there are 2 parts to this. 
    1) One is, you seem to want "partial matches". 
    a) For that, you could use the sub-string matching.  That will allow "man" to match things like manager. 
    b) You could also use "wildcards", searching for "man*".  Neither will  give you the second part, which is how well it matches a word, or which words.
    2) So the second part would be to get a term matching score / list of terms.  Neither options 1.a) or 1.b) would give you this.  To find something about how close your terms are to a list of terms, there is an option to use a specially configured spell-checker, where you could get "score" for how well a term matched - but the terms may or may not be in the result set - so this may not be useful.  NOTE - this would require some custom setup, to allow considering big differences.  Another option is to use the "word navigator" to find what terms match a wild-card.  You might then get something like this:
    NOTE: you will get a navigator, but no results.  So you might have to run multiple queries to get all information and mesh it up.  Also, the counts below are not how well it matches, but a hit count.
     <NAVIGATIONENTRY NAME="variantsnavigator" DISPLAYNAME="Search variants" TYPE="String" UNIT="" MODIFIER="xml" SCORE="1.168518424" SAMPLECOUNT="11" USEDHITS="0" HITCOUNT="11" RATIO="0" MIN="0" MAX="0" MEAN="0" ENTROPY="1.168518406" SUM="0">
     <NAVIGATIONELEMENT NAME="earnest" MODIFIER="earnest" COUNT="2"/>
     <NAVIGATIONELEMENT NAME="earnings" MODIFIER="earnings" COUNT="6"/>
    Tuesday, May 24, 2011 4:01 PM