Display Yellow "Check Out Required" Bar


  • Hi.  I am the Owner/Site administrator of our division SharePoint Server 2010 site.  We also use Office 2010.  I have some Excel spreadsheets that require check out to edit.  When I open them as "Read Only," I see a yellow status bar that enables me to check it out from there (if I did not do so upon opening it).  Other users do not see the bar.  I can click the "X" and close it on my view, but cannot find an option to re-open it.

    My company has configured my site to disallow editing with SharePoint Designer so I am unable to do anything outside of SP.  I know it can be checked out via File/Info, but our users are not SP/Excel savvy and I do not want them to edit then "Save As" a version and never really editing the correct file.  Any help is appreciated.

    Tuesday, October 08, 2013 9:10 PM