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  • I have a word document file in MS office 2007. When i am converting the word document to a PDF file using the HEADING option , the bookmarks tree structure  in the PDF file is not created properly. Means that the between content of a topic is also read as a bookmark heading while conversion. Only the heading of a topic should be read as a bookmark and the sub heading as a sub-bookmark but the content should not come in the tree structure of bookmarks in a PDF file..

    For Example:- if MICROSOFT is the heading of any xyz.doc then it should be the parent bookmark. . but in my case , MICROSOFT is coming as a bookmark but the content inside this is also created as a bookmark..

    So my question is that what is the internal structure of the of the MS word 2007 to convert a doc to a PDF file???
    Because it is not creating the bookmarks tree structure properly...and taking the content randomly from the middle of a topic and adding it in the bookmark tree structure...(which should not happen). The font throughout the doc is the same and aligned properly..so why it is randomly taking the between text as a bookmark...???

    what is the root cause of this bug..?? how can this problem be solved..?? is there any sort of change have to be done in my word doc.?

    i need an urgent help regarding this...

    NOTE:- I am using MS office 2007.

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