не хватает места на дисках RRS feed

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  • У меня на Dpm 2012  используется 3 диска  которые в общей сложности имеют размер 13 Тр 

    Группы которые бекапятся на эти диски, постоянно расширяются  и в итоге  место на дисках заканчивается что делать?

    Добавлять новые диски, как то не хочется ведь 13 терабайт  и так много да и думаю руководство на это не согласится.


    Tuesday, November 27, 2012 2:15 PM


  • Hi,

    i used google traduction for your question but so you know this is an english forum. Next time please ask this question in english or inside your country's forum.

    I used to Dpm 2012 3 disc which in total have a size of 13 Tr
    Groups that backup these discs are constantly expanding, and eventually ends up space on what to do?
    Add new disks, as it is not desirable because the 13 terabytes and so much so, and I think management did not agree.

    To answer your question, if there is not enough space for DPM to create the replicas and recovery points then it should expend the disks as it seems to do in your environment.

    The only way to avoid adding disk is to change the retention period for your data as it will consume less space inside the storage pool.

    Wednesday, November 28, 2012 12:49 PM