SharePoint FBA cannot open MS Office documents


  • I'm having this issue in a FBA SharePoint site (MOSS 2007).

    • I've enabled the Client Integration in CA
    • I've check marked Enabled anonymous access
    • I have to remove the Automatically sign me in on login.aspx - since cookie persistence is a security risk. I know someone may raise it up, but I cannot go that direction.
    • I've allowed WebDAV on IIS
    • Problematic PCs have Office 2007


    1. When on some PCs, browsing from IE is OK, clicking Edit in MS Word in ECB only opens up blank Word application, no login prompt, document won't open.
    2. When on some other PCs, Edit in MS Word can trigger login prompt, and open the document fine. But when click on Save As, the save as dialog doesn't have the folder structure of the document library.

    Can someone please help resolve my issues for FBA with Office Integration?

    I hope I've explained the issues clearly. Any help is appreciated!


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