I have encrypted my files with microsoft encryption and also encrypted my certificate.ptx files


  • Hello everyone here

    Seem like I am and idiot to it's seem funny it's like lock the door and then throw the key to that room.

    I was wondering whether how can I open certificate.ptx file if it's already encrypted. I suddenly found a video on youtube

    about encryption thing that can be done by CMD i have no idea what is about just try and follow it i'm not really know

    that all the files that save on my desktop are being encrypted automatically. I saw windows asked to save the certificate then I save it on my desktop later on my PC error so I move all my files on desktop to external drive and do Windows reset tool completely reset. And I've just noticed I can open all my files which I back up :/

    Please if somebody have solution please let's me know. Now i'm stuck with all my files like 120Gb :/



    Tuesday, April 18, 2017 4:27 PM