Serious and rapid data draining issue RRS feed

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  • For the last 3 months or so I have been getting warnings from my provider about my data usage being exhausted within 24hrs of getting my new monthly allocation. I didn't have any problem before this and I always have Mobile Data turned off as well as disabled in settings. I am in the habit of only enabling it on rare occasions when required and then turning it off again. I only use a handful of Mb a month synching mail etc. Otherwise all my usage is over WiFi, both at home and in the office.

    It turns out that my full allocation is getting used up within hours. When this happens, I find that Mobile Data is turned back on (although still disabled in settings) and in the usage list the application that is using the most (1Gb each time) is Mobile Hotspot. Having checked my settings, the Mobile Hotspot is disabled.

    Four days ago I contacted EE in the hope they could give me some idea from their logs what type of traffic is using the data but they could not provide this information, although they were able to determine that my entire 1Gb allocation had been consumed within 2hrs! At the time, my phone was unused, sitting on my bedside cabinet as I had forgotten to take it with me that morning. In their opinion, since I was not streaming video, the only application capable of that much usage was a mapping application - possibly trying to perform a map update, so they advised me to delete any mapping application that I had. As a gesture of good will, they kindly gave me another 1Gb. This morning I found my Mobile Data was enabled again and Mobile Hotspot has now used a total of 2Gb - hence eating up my goodwill gesture quota. Again, my phone had not been used at all yesterday.

    I am wondering how I might go about discovering what is causing this? Does Windows 10 Phone have event logs like the desktop version? Is there a process monitoring app (e.g. psmon) I can download? I'm told by the resident Windows Phone expert at work that it is unlikely to be a virus, but more likely a rogue app. I have only a handful of apps, most of which I have now deleted. I should also point out that my phone is not jailbroken or tampered with in any other way and I have only used the Windows store as the source of my apps. I can always perform a factory reset but that will probably also remove any evidence to help me nail the cause. This will be done as a last resort.

    Thursday, April 27, 2017 9:04 AM