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  • i have few question actually regarding to the smart card:

    1- if i used the smart card to login, then i locked the PC, the unlocked doesn't require the smart card, as it displays for me both options (Unlock using smart card, unlock using the PWD), what i need is to configure the windows to unlock only using smart card (if i logged in using the smart card), and to unlock using the PWD, if i logged in using the Username 7 PWD.

    2- second question is: i want to hide the smart card login Tile from the windows login options, meaning that if i have Smart Card reader, and fingerprint reader on my PC, the windows will have three options for logon (Username & PWD, Smartcard, or fingerprint), what i need is to hide the smart card login?

    3- can i configure a group policy to enforce smart card logon, but to be applied for specific users, as what i found is it will be configured per PC? are there any way to enforce specific users in my organization to use only smart card if they want to logon to any PC in this environment, but the other users can logon using username and PWD if they used the same PCs in the organization?

    Thursday, March 18, 2010 3:14 PM