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  • I have a subscription set up that triggers an email whenever the "Support Group" is changed on an incident.  This usually works great when the support group changes from one thing to another.  The subscription is a "When an object of the selected class is updated" type.

    however, if I create a new incident in the console and immediately assign a support group before saving the incident, I believe the subscription is not being triggered because technically the incident support group never changed, it just started out populated with something. 

    I'm pretty sure I could fix this by creating a "When an object of the selected class is created" type subscription.  I have 8 "updated" subscriptions so I would have to create 8 "created" subscriptions to match them.

    However, I have configured this:


    To notify our analysts when a ticket has been assigned.  When I create a new ticket in the console and immediately assign it to an analyst, this workflow triggers and notifies the analyst a ticket has been assigned.

    My question is - why does the custom workflow work and the subscription does not?  They are both items that are not technically "changed" because the incident is being created with "support group" and "assigned to" values already populated but the subscription does not work while the custom workflow does.


    Thursday, May 19, 2011 11:55 PM