possible to get e-mail notifications for items added to public-folder-based calendar? RRS feed

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  • I understand this is something probably better handled with Sharepoint, but that's not possible on the timeline I've been given and the resources I have...

    We maintain a calendar for employee leave time in our Exchange 2007 public folders Employees add leave time instances as new appointments, and put the details in the appointment subject. All employees have the ability to add items to this public calendar, and edit their own items.

    We now have a request that selected members of our exective team want to receive notifications whenever an employee adds a leave time instance to the calendar (micromanagement at work, yes). We don't want to have to rely on the employees "inviting attendees" as a way to send out a notification. That would work but I can see most users doing it wrong, not to mention the exective team then has to decline the invites.

    Is there any way to implement a server-side rule so that new appointments added to a public folder calendar will generate an e-mail to a selectable distribution group?

    Thursday, August 25, 2011 8:04 PM


  • Hi,


    We are not able to enable notification for items on Public Folder based on my research, even though the auditing, we are not able to audit on the item level.


    I would still suggest you use a resource mailbox with a transport rule to meet this goal. You may consider the steps below:


    1.    Create a resource mailbox and set it to be autoaccept; and allow conflict.

    2.    If necessary, you may add a delegate to this resource mailbox;

    3.    Ask your users to send a meeting invitation with key words in the subject line to this resource or add it into Location when they need to add leave time.

    4.    Create a Transport rule to “Notice” your executive team when there is request with key words in the subject line sent to this resource mailbox;


    Hope it is helpful, let me know if there is anything unclear.

    Monday, August 29, 2011 2:46 AM