MDT USMT and others


  • So I need help setting up USMT.  I have looked everywhere and read dozens of articles, but none are working.  I cannot seem to get the data to be saved and carried over at all (trying to get machines from Win 7 to Win 10).

    Another thing is I am also stuck with something stupid, after the OS install, it signs in automatically as admin (which I have disabled from unattended and it ignores me like wtf) and it doesnt join to the domain like I have it setup for some reason either.

    AND to make things even worse, if I try to switch user, I cant, because since I am not on the domain I cannot sign in as anyone so if I did this to a user machine i would have to make extra steps.  

    I have followed everything I could to the T to make it automated so that all I have to do is pxe boot a machine (which I have about +350 to do within the next few months, go me) and just let it run.

    Is there anyone that can help walk me through as to what is wrong with each of these steps please?

    Wednesday, November 7, 2018 4:36 PM

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