Assigning a Permission to a Role in BHOLD when Permission has scope RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I have Organizational Units (OU), Users and Permissions imported to BHOLD. If I want to add a Permission to user, I choose a Role of particular OU and add permission to it and it works great.

    However, I want to change the way I choose a Permission. What I would like to have in the "assign permission to role" page is ability to filter permissions by its scope.

    In order to help you understand what I am trying to accomplish, I'll provide a general use case. I have an Application with 100 Permissions (Perm1, Perm2, ..., Perm100). Permissions have their scope (or boundaries) - 60 departments (Dep1, Dep2, ... Dep60). What I would like to have when assigning Permission to Role is to be able to select a pair - Permission and department (like [Perm1, Dep1], [Perm2, Dep3]).

    As I understand, the general approach is to get Permissions from connected system as Cartesian product (all possible pairs of Permissions and departments, that would be 6000 unique pairs in above scenario), and it is fine approach, however, then I have to make unique names and let end user search 6000 permissions by name, which is not user friendly at all. The best approach in my case would be to have a dropdown list with all departments in BHOLD "assign permission to role" page and let user choose the department before choosing the particular permission. However, I don't know if I can customize BHOLD web page at all. Or can I?

    What are my other options to solve this problem?

    Donatas Vyzas

    Monday, September 2, 2013 8:22 AM