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  • Hi,

    I am having some issues saving my bitlocker file *.tmp to a network share. As i understand, if i was to enable bitlocker manually, there are 3 files produced at the end of it, 1 TMP file and 2 Recovery Password files. Is is possible to have the *.tmp file saved to my network drive as well as the 2 Recovery Password files?

    OS: Windows 7 x64 Ent
    Target PC: HP laptops
    Partitions: x2, OS (C:) and Data (D:)
    AD: Is configured to store OS Recovery Password - this is working
    TMP Chip - Turning on and enabled
    Expanding hidden System Partition - this is working

    Copy of what i have in my CS.ini
    BDEKeyLocation=my network location

    Instead of using the MDT builtin Bitlocker TS step, I am using my own batch file to turn on and run Bitlocker for both C and D drive, copy of what is in my batch file; (pause 15 are only for testing purposes)

    Pause 15

    cmd.exe /c manage-bde.exe -on -s C: -rk \\my network location

    pause 15

    cmd.exe /c manage-bde.exe -autounlock -enable C:

    pause 15

    cmd.exe /c manage-bde.exe -on D: -rk \\my network location

    pause 15

    cmd.exe /c manage-bde.exe -autounlock -enable D:

    pause 15

    Any help is greatly appreciated

    Sunday, May 15, 2016 9:59 PM


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