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  • just noticed this yesterday, while running CHKDSK in Windows, checking for bad sectors as well, which I normally do at boot time when needed, but for some reason, I did it in Windows this time...yeah, so I noticed very quickly that 90% of my 3GB RAM were being used. Note that 2GB got freed very quickly when the process was finished. Also no hang of the system.
     Another issue: for unknown reason some drives, sometimes, refuse to be checked, got to reboot for this, and then chkdsk can check them. If launched in a console, when attempting to scan those un-scannable drives, the message is that those drives file system is RAW etc...which is perfectly ridiculous as they're perfectly NTFS formated. Again, after a reboot, the message is gone and I can scan them.

     And this morning I find that:

    any thoughts guys? thanks.
    Thursday, August 6, 2009 8:34 AM