What happen to Connectors and MV on full import RRS feed

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    Below is some information that I found about full Import here is the link

    "The very first run you will perform when building FIM (or adding a new data source) is a full import. During a full import, everything in the connected data source is brought into the connector space. The key point to remember about a full import is that, regardless of total number of objects or objects with changes, everything will be refreshed."

    As the text says everything is brought into CS no matter if the source has been changed or not.
    When we import we use the MAC import method that read the Db by using normal SQL and create a file that is read by the MIM and loaded into CS.
    As the text says 
    everything will be refreshed does that mean that the connector to MV object is true. So shall I understand it such that all the attributes is refreshed so to speak updated to what it is in the CD but the connector is still True and of cource the MV object is still there because we have a Connector thet is true.
    So how should I understand the term "
    everything will be refreshed" in the above text.  


    Sunday, September 30, 2018 10:37 AM


  • Hi,

    that "everything" is only related to the CS (mostly)

    On Import (Stage Only) (regardless of full or delta) is only related to the CS, however if the object is removed from CS this also "of course" impacts the connector to MV which will be removed since the CS object is no longer present.

    If the object is still present in CS the connector to MV will remain, however the will not be any update to the MV attributes until you do a Sync.


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