Group By porblem?


  • Hi, this is going to sound like a very beginner question, but I'm having problem with displaying my data in a certain way. So I have this view

    that is similar to this:

    customerName    address      orderNum Item  quantity

    -----------------  ---------    -----------  ------  ---------

    name1                  add1           10  Item1     100   

    name1                  add1           10  Item2     20    

    name1                  add1           10  Item6     4   

    name2                  add2           30  Item2     41

    name2                  add2           30  Item6     30

    and so on,  what I want is to display each customer information only once with his/her order number and order details to create a report (I'm using Crystal report):

    name 1  add1  city1   order10

    Item1 100  

    Item2 20

    Item6 4

    I'm kind of stack.

    Thanks in advance

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